soapUI online training


In this course, you will learn to test SOAP based and REST based webservices.


Little knowledge on XML(optional)


Installation & Setup

  • Installing SoapUI/ReadyAPI
  • Setup of SoapUI
  • Installation of SoapUI pro
  • Setup of SoapUI pro/ReadyAPI
  • Webservice concepts

  • Web Service Architecture
  • Types of web services -SOAP based/REST based
  • XML
  • SOAP
  • WSDL(for SOAP Based Services),WADL(for REST Services)
  • What is Service-oriented Architecture?
  • Working with soapUI Workspace

  • Creating Workspace
  • Adding projects to Workspace
  • Creating Project/Importing Project(SOAP/RESTFul)
  • Creating Requests for Webservices(SOAP / RESTFul)
  • Creating Test Suites
  • Creating Test Cases
  • Creating Test Steps
  • Working with databases like mySQL,Oracle,MS-SQL

    Working with Properties

  • Creating Global,Project,TestSuite,TestCase level properties
  • Understanding Property expansion
  • Property transfer

    Data Driven Testing

  • DataSource - Loading data from Excel/File/Database
  • DataSourceLoop - looping through test data for testing automation
  • DataGen - Working with Number,Template,Lists
  • DataSink - Loading response data into File/Database/Excel
  • Groovy Scripting

  • Understanding context,testRunner,log, etc...
  • Reading data from Files,ExcelSheets
  • Executing Webservice requests
  • Writing Assertions for the responses
  • Storing responses on disk

    Working with Mock Services

  • Creating Mock Services for SOAP & RESTFul Services
  • Implementing dispatch strategies(script,sequence,random etc..)


  • Requirements management
  • Testing 3rd Party webservices provided by Google,Facebook
  • Testing Secured web services using oAuth
  • Running Security scans
  • Continuous Integration ( Integration with Maven and Jenkins)